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Full Service Gym

"You Bring the Want, We Will Show You the How"

Isabelle Iliev is a Certified USA Powerlifting Coach and a 10 time World Champion Powerlifter. She competes for the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and USA Powerlifting. Isabelle is a native of France but lives in Spokane, WA. Isabelle's passion is powerlifting. She loves to compete and she loves to teach. Whether you're a veteran or a newbie to powerlifting, she's eager to share her knowledge.

Training options:

1. 6 week written training program. $75

    12 week written training program. $140

If you live in another city or you're just looking for a training program to implement on your own, this is the option for you.

You just email your current one rep max numbers and a 6 week program will be created for you. It will include accessory work as well as the main lifts. You will have email support if you have questions about the program.

‚Äč2. One on One Traning. $50 per session (plans available)

Your meeting time is set after you register

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